Organizing my Stitching projects and supplies

I designed the wooden cabinet and commissioned someone to build it for me over 20 years ago.  Each drawer was designed to fit a plastic craft case without the lid and handle.  A full set of DMC Floss are wound on plastic bobbins and stored in the wooden custom cabinet. One of these days I should stain it or put a clear coat on the cabinet to protect it.


I bought the DMC stickers for the plastic bobbins, but over time they don't stay on, so I'm also replacing with the tags from the DMC floss.

All my extra DMC floss, DMC Rayon, and DMC Metallics are stored in Floss away bags. 

Magazines are stored in cardboard magazine holders by title (Just Cross Stitch) and then by date (Jan 1994).  Books are stored in a filing cabinet.  Free patterns and purchased charts are stored in binders by designer.

Dave & I built a cabinet to hold all of my 12" x 12" scrapbook cases from Michaels for storing the following items.

Blue cases
  1. colouring supplies pencil crayons, pencil sharpener, markers, colouring books
  2. sketchbooks, Zentangle cards (white & black) in leather binder
Purple cases
  1. Just Nan finished projects to assemble, and other projects ready to frame
  2. DMC floss I have bought but haven't put on bobbins or in floss away bags.
    • DMC Bobbins
    • DMC Floss Away Bags
Yellow cases
  1. Project ideas - Cross Stitch Ball (outline complete, but not sure which pattern to put in each shape). 
  2. Sewing fabric for new projects and remnants from old projects.
Green cases
  1. Extra DMC floss - filed in Floss away bags.
  2. Stitching gadgets - portable magnifying glass, extra needles, fabric calculator, extra floss away bags, beading tools, magnetic board to hold pattern.
Pink cases
  1. Extra fabric - 28ct evenweave
    • Extra fabric - 28ct & 32ct linen.
    Clear cases
    1. Miscellaneous - beads, project ideas.
    2. Also stitched charts that need to be filed away properly. 
    Bottom Shelf
    1. Cross Stitch project case
    2. Wooden tray
    I store magazines in magazine holders on a metal shelf and books in a filing cabinet.  I hope someday to have all my crafts stored in one place instead of being in different rooms throughout the house.

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