Wednesday, 15 September 2021

ACNH - Flick & CJ - Happy Dance

Last Sunday night I finished this block.  I placed them in the bottom right square, so CJ can fish off the dock.

It has been a while since I showed the whole project. I’m a few months behind with my stitching.  This block is from June and yesterday the September block was released.

I received my Animal Crossing Monopoly game today.  For anyone interested, it looks like a monopoly game, but it is not played like the classic game. Dave, Jaspar & I are planning to play it on Friday afternoon.  Hopefully I win the first time we play, since it is my game.

Friday, 10 September 2021

ACNH - CJ - update #1

I don’t seem to find time to stitch these days. Always something else to do in the garden or outside while it is nice weather.
I have finished the cross stitching on CJ, now to add a purple butterfly above Flick’s head and a red snapper fish attached to CJ’s fishing rod. I added some of the sand colour for them to stand on. I will add a nice bright blue for the sky.

Monday, 23 August 2021

Friday, 20 August 2021

ACNH - Flick & CJ

June - CJ & Flick
These are 2 new characters to the Animal Crossing series.  Monday - Friday you have random characters visit your island to buy or sell items to you. CJ & Flick buy all of your fish & bugs for more money (bells).  You can also give 3 of a certain bug to Flick and he will make a model of it for you.  Or you can give 3 fish to CJ and he will give them to Flick to make a model of the fish for you.  I have made lots of bug models (butterflies, honeybees, wasp, jewel beetle, and dung beetle), but only 1 fish model (red snapper).  My favourite fish in the game is the Red Snapper.  Even though the fish are larger than the bugs, but the fish models are so much smaller than the bug models.

I just started stitching Flick.  Stewart designed them to be in the bottom left hand corner near the dock, but since my dock is on the bottom right corner that is the square I am stitching them in.

Here is my progress so far.

Thursday, 22 July 2021

ACNH - Blathers

May - Blathers (owl) is the curator in charge of the museum exhibits.  He accepts all of your donations of bugs, fish, fossils (dinosaurs) and art pieces. I have completed 3 areas in my museum. I just have 1 more painting to find for the art room.
I am stitching the background to look like this area behind Blathers.

I started this square on July 14 and just finished it tonight.  I have not been stitching much because I have been enjoying the summer weather. 

Thursday, 8 July 2021

July 2021 - Houses

I always forget about this SAL until I read Jo’s blog Serendipitous Stitching.  This month’s topic is Houses, which is one of my favourite things to stitch.  I have stitched 28 houses over the past 26 years, I'm sure these will not be the last!
My first cross stitch back in 1995 was called Summer Symphony.

New Home card for a family member in 1996.

Spindles and Posts - stitched in 1999

Proud to be on Duty - 1999

Grandparents Day - 2001

As Seasons Change - 2001

Down Main Street - I stitched these 3 stores for a friend in 2003.

Cantenbury Cafe - I designed this for my sons' basketball coach (2005) when they bought a coffee shop.

Gingerbread House ornament

Lighthouse - This was a stamped cross stitch kit that a family member had.  I cut out the stamped area and stitched on 28ct, but still using the fabric background as a mat.

Amish Scene - I love this busy, colourful scene.

Victorian Dollhouse - Designed by Joan Elliott.  I had a wall dollhouse like this in the 90's, so I definitely had to stitch this project in 2012.

3D miniature house ornament - 2013

Santa’s Village (12 houses) - Designed by Country Cottage Needleworks - 2013

Stitcher's Place - This was designed by Tiny Moderist for my old LNS (2015).

This was my local needlework shop which closed about 4 years ago.

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

ACNH - Gulliver

April - Gulliver is a pelican that washes up on your beach. He has lost 5 parts from his communicator (phone). He asks you to find them in the sand on the beach. 

You look for spitting water in the sand, which usually indicates a clam is hidden there. 

Dig up the 5 parts and return them to Gulliver.

He will mail you treasures from around the world. Some of these items come in different colours (hula doll, nutcracker, horse, hats). After you help him at least 30 times he will eventually reward you with a golden shovel DIY, so you can make one. I’ve helped him a lot more than 30 times, but still waiting for the golden shovel. It is the last golden tool that I need.

All images found online, sorry for the fuzzy images. I have a hard time getting images from my switch to the computer, so I look online for them.

I stitched Gulliver laying on the beach with his phone, part and a hole in the sand.