Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Floral 2019 SAL - May update #2

I completed all the stitches for the Floral May block, but I still need to do the back stitching before it is finished.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Floral 2019 SAL May & June update #1

Summer is now almost over and my friend Lisa with the pool is back in the classroom getting ready for school to start next Tuesday, so I have more time to cross stitch.  I spent a bit of time this afternoon stitching the purple, pink and orange butterfly in the Floral May block.  Then I finished the small yellow & orange butterfly and stitched more of the purple flower in the Floral June block.  I might continue working on both blocks at the same time.  We’ll see what I feel like stitching tomorrow.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Fully Finished Gallery #7

I’m not sure where the time has gone, summer is almost over.  I have not stitched all over the summer.  Every day I spent swimming at my friend Lisa’s house.  This is the last week of fun because Lisa (SK teacher) will be back in the classroom next week getting ready for school to begin the day after Labour Day.  

I started finishing some ornaments at the beginning of the month, but didn’t finish them in time for the check in on August 10.  I finished the last one this morning and thought I’d share them anyways.  Nothing too exciting, but I’m happy to cross off 6 more from my list.

The first 3 ornaments are all finished with a green felt on the back.  This one is a Dragon Dreams ornament from a 2012 Christmas magazine which I stitched in 2016.

This one is from the Omni Book of Exotic Pets.  I stitched it in 2006.  It was supposed to hang beside our turtle tank for our pet turtle Frodo.  I never finished it.  She passed away last year (March 2018 from pneumonia).  Frodo was 12 years old.  I will hang it on my Christmas tree as a tribute to Frodo.

I think this one is a Sue Hillis Design.  It was in the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament 2008.  I stitched it in 2013.
This one I stitched in 2005 from the Cross Stitch Christmas 1992.  One of the few times I have stitched on linen (not my favourite).  I used red felt for the back of this ornament.

This ornament is purple because it is my favourite colour.  I used left over cording I made for an ornament last Christmas.  I also backed it with purple fabric.  This pattern is from the book called Sam Hawkins 520 Christmas Cross Stitch Designs.  I stitched this in 2002.
Here is the back showing the purple fabric.

Here is the last ornament of Jack Skellington’s face.  This was a free design I found online.  I stitched this in 2015 for my youngest sister Denise.  She loves The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I used a black felt for the back so it would match with the front design. 

Thursday, 1 August 2019

August Goals

August Stitching Goals
Finish Floral May block
Start & Finish Floral June block
Start & Finish Floral July block
Finish something from my FFG pile (August 10)
Stitch something for the 2019 Small SAL (August 30)

Other Hobbies August Goals
Help Sarah design her wedding invitations
Start thinking about Christmas cards 
Collect seeds from flowers in my garden

July Stitching Review
Finish Floral May block - NO
Start & Finish Floral June block - NO
Start & Finish Floral July block (July 15) - NO
Finish something from my FFG pile (June 10) - YES
Stitch something for the 2019 Small SAL (July 26) - NO
Start thinking about Christmas ornaments - NO

Other Hobbies July Review
Create 1 card this month for my Dad’s 70th birthday (to be mailed) - YES, I gave it to him in person when we took him for lunch on his birthday :)
Help Sarah design her wedding invitations - YES, started to choose paper colours and the basic card design
Start thinking about Christmas cards - NO, maybe next month
Continue organizing my new craft room - YES, always moving things around