Saturday, 7 January 2017

Goals for 2017

2016 Stitching Review
Last year started out ok, but I soon lost my stitching mojo and didn't get it back until the end of the year. My stitching and blogging suffered because of it.  I hope this year will be better.

2017 Stitching Goals ... It looks like it is going to be a Just Nan year!!
Finish stitching
Let's Visit Canada and sew it into a Canadian Flag by July 1 (Canada Day).

Stitch all my Just Nan Limited Edition ornaments (no particular order)
1. Gingerbread Santa Mouse
2. Gingerbread Reindeer Mouse
3. Romeo (Groom) Mouse
4. Juliet (Bride) Mouse
5. Miss Witchy Mouse
6. Witchy's Sister Mouse
7. Emma & Eliza's Christmas Hat (tree)
8. Gingerbread Garden Cube

Stitch other Just Nan charts (no particular order)
1. Feathers and Flowers (Tiny Biscornu)
2. Spring in the Meadow
3. Amethyst Snowflake
4. Floral Fifteen (fifteen sided Biscornu)

Assemble 3 Just Nan Limited Edition Ornaments I stitched in 2016.  Not sure if I'll wait and assemble them all when I'm finished stitching the other 8 in the list above.
1. Gingerbread Angel Mouse
2. Strawberry Bunny
3. Little Hedgie

These should keep me busy for the year, but if not I have a few other projects on my waiting list. 

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Winding Bobbins

I started winding the DMC floss onto plastic bobbins.  These are the ones I got done today.

I had to stop until I find more plastic bobbins in my stash.  Hope to finish these tomorrow.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Christmas Cross Stitch Stash

The following cross stitch items I bought myself for Christmas.  There are a few patterns in the Stoney Creek Cross Stitch magazine that I want to stitch.

I added the Just Nan Gingerbread Santa Mouse kit to my collection.  In 2017, I hope to stitch all of my Just Nan Limited Edition Ornaments.  I have several mice kits (bride/groom/Santa/Witch/Witch Sister/Reindeer).

I went through all my DMC floss, these were the only colours missing from my stash.  I also bought extra black.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017!!

Well it is the first day of another new year.  Here are the two ornaments I made for my oldest and closest friends.  I stitched them both the same snowman, but used different floss colours for the snowballs, the scarf and the hanger for the tree.  The top one I gave to my friend Kim last week.

The bottom one is for my friend Lisa.  I will see her sometime this week.