Friday, 19 June 2015

Happy Dance and a New Start

Last night I added the beads and did the back stitching around the outside of Just Nan's Bluebird Tweet.  I love how colourful and summery the bird is.  Not sure when I will have time to assemble it, I'll add him to the "unfinished pile".

I wasn't tired last night so I started a new project.  It is a SAL with Wilma (owner of Stitcher's Place) and Leigh (one of our regular cross stitch club members).  Tiny Modernist is coming to my LNS in July,  so she created an exclusive pattern ... the front facade of Stitcher's Place.  I'm stitching mine over 2 on 28ct white evenweave.   I am starting in the middle around the front door.  I will not be stitching the floss or hearts around the house.  

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Bluebird Tweet update #1

I finished all the cross stitching.  Tonight I will put on the beads and maybe get the outline back stitched.  Then it will be ready to assemble.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Bluebird Tweet

I started this a few weeks ago, but haven't been stitching much.  Before the weekend, I only had the blue outline of each side of the bird.  Here is my progress from today.  I'm stitching on 28ct light blue linen.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fairy & Gnome Miniature Garden

Does anyone else have a Fairy or Gnome miniature garden?  I have been wanting one for years.  I built dollhouses years ago but never did miniature gardening.  It was always enough work to finish the inside of the dollhouse forget about doing the outside landscaping.   Yesterday we were at the nursery, Dave was looking for herbs to put in our garden.  We talked to one of the ladies that works there about Fairy gardens, she was very helpful (also has one of her own).  We bought a wooden box, potting soil, and miniature plants at the nursery.  Later I found a fairy and a gnome at Canadian Tire.  

This morning I put my garden together.  The house is a fish tank bubble watermill, but for now it is my house.  I want to build one from twigs, rocks and leave but that will be another day.  The rocks I collected on the beaches from New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (11 years ago).  It is still a work in progress.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Xmas gift and June Goals

June Goals
continue working on the Summer Exchange project
Finish Just Nan's Bluebird Tweet
Assemble Ribbon Candy Ornament
Assemble Just Nan's Hagatha's Hat 3D Miniature Witch's hat

May Review
Start Just Nan's Floral Fifteen Biscornu - NO
Stitch the front yard scene (next section) on Snowman Wisdom - NO
Assemble Ribbon Candy ornament - NO

Assemble Shamrock ornament - YES
Assemble Just Nan's Hagatha's Hat 3D Miniature Witch's hat - NO

Didn't get what I had originally planned, but I did get 2 new projects completed.
Garden Welcome
JBW Alphabet Snowman Ornament

Then I started the following projects.
Summer Exchange (due in August) for the Stitcher's Club at my LNS (Stitcher's Place).
Started Just Nan's Bluebird Tweet

I bought myself 2 cross stitch licence plate holders for my car (instead of personalized licence plates) .  They are metal frames, but the words are just stickers.   I wanted to waterproof them with some clear waterbase varnis before putting them on my car.  I have removed my licence plate numbers in the photo.  I have different ones for the front and the back.

Front licence plate holder looks like this.  Cross Stitching My Hobby ... My passion

More people will see the back of my car when I'm driving, so this is what it says.  I'd Rather Be Cross Stitching