Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Xmas gift and June Goals

June Goals
continue working on the Summer Exchange project
Finish Just Nan's Bluebird Tweet
Assemble Ribbon Candy Ornament
Assemble Just Nan's Hagatha's Hat 3D Miniature Witch's hat

May Review
Start Just Nan's Floral Fifteen Biscornu - NO
Stitch the front yard scene (next section) on Snowman Wisdom - NO
Assemble Ribbon Candy ornament - NO

Assemble Shamrock ornament - YES
Assemble Just Nan's Hagatha's Hat 3D Miniature Witch's hat - NO

Didn't get what I had originally planned, but I did get 2 new projects completed.
Garden Welcome
JBW Alphabet Snowman Ornament

Then I started the following projects.
Summer Exchange (due in August) for the Stitcher's Club at my LNS (Stitcher's Place).
Started Just Nan's Bluebird Tweet

I bought myself 2 cross stitch licence plate holders for my car (instead of personalized licence plates) .  They are metal frames, but the words are just stickers.   I wanted to waterproof them with some clear waterbase varnis before putting them on my car.  I have removed my licence plate numbers in the photo.  I have different ones for the front and the back.

Front licence plate holder looks like this.  Cross Stitching My Hobby ... My passion

More people will see the back of my car when I'm driving, so this is what it says.  I'd Rather Be Cross Stitching