Sunday, 12 July 2015

Chair #2 painted

We spent this weekend painting the second chair orange.  We LOVE the colour of the chair, but what a pain the paint was to work with.  It wasn't the same brand of paint as the yellow one.  The orange  chair was painted probably 6 coats in some areas to get the same effect as the yellow chair which was only 3 coats.  We used 1 quart of yellow (and kept painting to use up all the paint), but the orange we had to buy another quart to get the same coverage because the paint was so thin.  I will NEVER use Valspar exterior gloss paint again... it looks great, just too much extra work..

Monday, 6 July 2015

Weekend stitching and painting

I had a productive weekend.  I continued working on Tiny Miniaturists chart of my LNS Stitcher's Place.

Dave & I also started an outdoor painting project.   We have 2 single chairs (adirondack) and a double with a table that are now very old and weathered.  We decided to brighten up our backyard with some paint instead of restaining them.  Here is a before and after for 1 of the single chairs.  We only did one to see how we would like it.  We LOVE the new look.  The other single will be painted orange next weekend if the weather is nice.  Still not sure what colour to do the double chairs.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

July Goals & year in review

July Goals
Continue working on Tiny Miniaturist's chart called Stitcher's Place (SAL with Wilma & Leigh).  Here is a progress photo.

Stitch the front yard scene (next section) on Snowman Wisdom
Assemble something - Ribbon Candy Ornament, Just Nan's Witch's Hat, or Just Nan's Bluebird Tweet

June Review
continue working on the summer Exchange project - NO
Finish Just Nan's Bluebird Tweet - YES, the stitching part is completed
Assemble Ribbon Candy Ornament - NO
Assemble Just Nan's Hagatha's Hat 3D Miniature Witch's Hat - NO

Year in Review update
I wanted to stitch the following projects in 2015, but nothing is completed and I cannot believe the year is half over.
Paradise - Stoney Creek - Not sure if it will be done in 2015 or 2016
Snowman Wisdom - Sue Hillis - YES, I'm still working on it.
Mouth of the Flower - Stitching Studio - NO, decided this will be this year
Family of Birds - Stitching Studio - NO, decided this will be this year
Floral Fifteen (15 sided biscornu) - Just Nan - NO, but still hoping to finish in 2015
Exchanges - Friendship YES, this was in February
Gingerbread Mice - NO, I haven't started them (I still have 2 or 3)