Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Fully Finished Gallery #6

I’m so late with this update.  I don’t know what day it is these days.  I have been going swimming everyday at my friend Lisa’s house.  She is a teacher and has the summer off.  I don’t see her much during the school year, she is too busy, so we catch up in the summer.

For my FFG, I turned 2 cross stitch projects into ornaments.
Gingerbread Girl - stitched March 2013
June 2019, I stitched the outline in reverse and tried sewing them together, but it didn’t work they way I thought it would.

I then decided to sew it on top of a piece of brown thick denim type fabric I had in my sewing basket.  I added a ribbon for hanging.  I am pleased with how it turned out.

Gingerbread Boy stitched in March 2013.

Again I stitched a reverse of the gingerbread boy, but when it didn’t work for the gingerbread girl I didn’t waste my time trying to sew this one together.

Here is the gingerbread boy as a finished ornament.  They will look great as a pair on my Christmas tree.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Birthday card for my Dad

Yesterday was my Dad’s 70th birthday.  Dave & I took him for lunch at his favourite restaurant.  Mandarin Restauran has the largest selection of Chinese food (buffet) with lots of locations in Ontario, Canada.  We went to the Newmarket location near my Dad’s house today, but usually we do take out at the Kitchener location near our house.

My dad has everything you can think of when it comes to tools, so I decided he needed a tools/workbench for his card.  I found a tutorial on YouTube for building  a U Box Workbench Card.  This is how it turned out.  Yes, I intentionally made all the tools bigger than they are supposed to be.  They are not to scale, they would be too small to see all their detail.  My Dad loved the card, because it was personal and I made it.

Front folded flat to put inside an envelope.

Back folded flat to put inside an envelope.
Front with desk half folded down.  You can see the tools hanging on the left side os the peg board.  It is hard to see, but the saw blade on the right is a clock.  I pointed the clock hands to 7:00 o’clock because it turned 70.
Another shot of the front with desk half folded down.  You can see the tools hanging on the right side of the peg board.

Here is a look at the top of the desk.  The round metal circle is supposed to be a magnetic dish of screws, nails and bolts.
This is the front view of the  card with the desk down.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

July Goals

July Stitching Goals

Finish Floral May block
Start & Finish Floral June block
Start & Finish Floral July block (July 15)
Finish something from my FFG pile (June 10)
Stitch something for the 2019 Small SAL (July 26)
Start thinking about Christmas ornaments

Other Hobbies July Goals
Create 1 card this month for my Dad’s 70th birthday (to be mailed)
Help Sarah design her wedding invitations
Start thinking about Christmas cards 
Continue organizing my new craft room

June Stitching Review
Start & Finish Floral April block - YES
Start & Finish Floral May block - it is half completed
Start & Finish Floral June block - NO, didn’t finish May yet
Finish something from my FFG pile (June 10) - YES, I assembled 3 Just Nan birds (Bluebird Tweet, Cardinal Tweet replacement, and a Blue Jay from the Cardinal  pattern)
Stitch something for the 2019 Small SAL (June 28) - NO, because I didn’t complete the Floral May block

Other Hobbies June Review
Create 4 cards this month ... (3 need to be mailed) - YES
Nephew Glenn’s birthday (June 8) - YES, I made a Zelda/Switch card
My future daughter-in-law Sarah’s birthday (June 14) - YES, I made another Zelda/Switch card
Neice Katie’s birthday (June 21) - YES, I made an outdoor (with pink accents)
My oldest son Jaspar’s birthday (June 27) - YES, I made a video game (Kirby) card
Continue organizing my new craft room - YES, still working on it in between projects.

I forgot to show everyone, here is a photo of my oldest son Jaspar’s birthday card.  Kirby is one of his favourite video game characters.  Even though Kirby is pink, I still wanted the card to look masculine.  I think using black helped.

I found the quote online and it was perfect for my son.  He doesn’t care about his birthday, it is just another day.  As you can see, he turned 27.