Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Summer Exchange 2015

Tonight was our Summer Exchange at my LNS (Stitcher's Place).  There were 6 participants.   I made a Summer Welcome pillow / pincushion for Heather.

Heather got my name and gave me a beautiful Just Nan Summer Humbug.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Building a Garden Shed

Sorry it has been awhile since I blogged.  July was busy with outdoor projects (the painted chairs) and the beginning of August was building a garden shed.  The kit was bought from Costco and was extremely simple to build.  The hard work was building the base and drainage area to sit it on.

We bought 25 bags (28L each) of dirt to level the ground because our yard slopes.
This is the drainage area 22 bags (30L each) of 3/4' rocks.  We brought about 4 bags to the backyard at a time with the wheel barrow.
This photo shows the black floor of the shed sitting on top of the wooden base which is sitting on top of the drainage area. 
Then we built the shed.  It is a small shed (3 1/2'D x 7'W x 100"H), but it is perfect for storing garden tools and the lawnmower.
Dave & I have been on vacation since 5pm on August 7th.  We invited my mother-in-law to visit us for from New Brunswick.   This week we made mustard pickles (18 jars) and mustard beans (7 1/2 jars) which was Dave's grandmother's recipe.