Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy Dance for January Just Nan Stitch Along 2014

This is the January check in for Just Nan Stitch Along 2014. If you want to know more about this SAL or to join, click the icon on the left side bar.

I finished sewing Barnabee in Bloom together. He is my second Happy Dance for 2014. The first one is my Friendship Exchange piece (exchange will be held on Feb. 18th). Here are photos showing both sides.

I have also been working on Porch Garden Mice - Humbug. Here is a progress photo. It is stitched on 28ct baby blue evenweave, but it doesn't look like blue in the photo.

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I bought a new fancy jar with lid at Michaels a few weeks ago to hold my TUSAL orts throughout the year. If you don't know what TUSAL is, or want to join click the icon on the left side bar.

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

2014 Smalls SAL - January update

I finished all the cross stitching and beads on Barnabee in Bloom. I will sew it together soon.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Grow Your Blog

Hello my name is Ann. I live in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. I have been married to Dave for 25 years. We have 2 sons Jaspar (21) and Jordyn (19).

I love dogs and cats, but I am alergic to animals with fur. Our family pet is a red-eared slider (RES) female turtle named Frodo. They can live 30-50 years and she just turned 8 years old (December 31). We also have a tank full of fish.

I have been cross stitching for almost 20 years. My mom bought a counted cross stitch kit by Bucilla called Summer Symphony (photo below) because she liked the picture.

When she opened the kit and saw the size of the pattern, she didn't know that they enlarge the pattern so stitchers can see the symbols. She panicked and decided not to try it, so she gave the kit to me. It took me almost a year to complete the project (lots of frogging), but it was worth it. I haven't stopped stitching, it is my creative outlet and my stress release. I have given a lot of my stitching away to friends and family members for special occasions.

I also do some scrapbooking. The first one is a photo diary of all my cross stitch projects.

I record all the important information about every project I have ever stitched (Title/Who it was stitched for/fabric & stitch count/design size/frame size/designer name & chart/kit #/start date/finish date/reason for stitching the project).

Dave & I love going to see live theatre plays, so I have a scrapbook to keep my tickets/pamphlets.

I also enjoy building puzzles (1000+), and playing Animal Cross on my 3DS (video game).

I created my blog "Colourful Cross Stitches" so I could join TUSAL (click icon on left side bar), and all the other fun Stitch-Alongs with cross stitchers around the world. I love reading other stitching blogs to find new designs and finishing techniques.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog. If you are a new follower, please leave me a comment so I can follow your blog as well.

Happy Stitching!!

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Monday, 20 January 2014

IHSW January

It is International Hermit Stitching Weekend. If you want more information and/or to join, please click the icon on the left side bar.

I stitched on Just Nan's Porch Garden Mice (Humbug). Here is the before photo.

This is the after photo.

I also worked on my Garden Chair. Here is the before photo.

This is the after photo.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

WIPocalypse - January 16th (late)

January 16th was the WIPocalypse first update for 2014. I'm sorry I don't seem to be starting the year off being very punctual. If you want to know more about this SAL and/or to join, please click the icon on the left side bar.

Measi who is hosting WIPocalypse wants us to introduce ourselves. This is my first year participating. I joined so I would have more things to blog about.

My name is Ann. I have been stitching since 1995. It is my creative outlet, and stress release. My favourite designers are Dragon Dreams and Sue Hillis, but recently I have started stitching Lynne Nicoletti, Stoney Creek, and Just Nan designs. I prefer to stitch over 2 on 28ct evenweave with DMC floss.

I will be stitching on my Garden Chair by The Cat's Whiskers, which I have not touched in a few weeks

and Cross Stitch Ball (found the pattern on line) which I still only have the outlines stitched.

When these projects are completed I will add Paradise by Stoney Creek.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Slow stitching progress

I am working on several projects this month ... Just Nan / my LNS friendship exchange (can't show photos) / Garden Chair (need magnifier to stitch so I stitch on this one at home) / Cross Stitch ball (still no idea what to stitch inside each shape) so no real progress on any one item.

I belong to a Cross Stitch Club that meets every Tuesday night at The Stitcher's Place (LNS - Wilma also sells online). Last night was my first night back for 2014. I started Porch Garden Mice Humbug (Just Nan). Here is a photo showing Finished product, I'm using 28ct baby blue evenweave fabric and DMC floss. I want to stitch a bit more before showing a progress photo (later this week).

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Garden Chair update #4

Not a lot of stitching this week. Here is more progress on my Garden Chair.

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Garden Chair update #3

Tonight I started my friendship exchange project for my LNS. I cannot show photos (some of the participants read my blog) until after it is received on February 18th.

Here is a photo of Garden Chair. I finished stitching the words (over 1 on 32ct).

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

January Goals/TUSAL #1

January Goals
Start & Finish Barnabee in Bloom - Just Nan
Start Paradise - Stoney Creek
Work on Garden Chair - Cat's Whiskers
Plan & Start Friendship exchange - for Stitcher's Place (LNS)

Stitching Projects for 2014
Just Nan (Finish one a month)
Paradise (Start & Finish)
Garden Chair (Finish)
Cross Stitch Ball (Finish)
Finish Trousers (became a UFO in 2013)
Ornamentification (lots of stitched ornaments to finish)
Pirate Treasure - Lynne Nicoletti
Christmas Envelope - Lynne Nicoletti

Here is a progress photo of my Garden Chair. My favourite colour is purple, so I changed the colour of my flowers.

Here is a photo of my ORTs for TUSAL #1. Burgundy from the Cross Stitch Ball shapes outline, and Purple from the Garden Chair shapes outline.

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Cross Stitching plans for 2014

After reading Debbie's & Bonnie's blogs (thanks ladies!!) I have decided to participate in the following Stitch-A-Longs. 

You can find all the links for rules or to join on my 2014 Stitch-A-Long page (tab at the top of my blog).  Some of them are also on the left hand side bar of my blog.

2014 Smalls SAL - hosted by Heather at The Stitching Lotus.  This is my 2nd year participating, last year it was an ornament SAL, but I only did part of 2013.
Just Nan Stitch Along 2014 - hosted by Pulling The Other Thread.  This is my 1st year participating.
TUSAL 2014 is hosted by Daffycat.  This is my 3rd year participating.

WIPocalypse 2014 - is hosted by Measi.  This is my 1st year participating.
Theme-licious 2014 - is hosted by It's Geek to Me.  This is my 2nd year participating, but I only did part of 2013.

YOTA (Year of Acronym) - is hosted by Pull The Other Thread.  This is my 1st year participating.

2014 IHSW - is hosted by Joysze.  This is my 3rd year participating.

I will also be participating in stitching exchanges at my LNS (Stitcher's Place) through the year.

I look forward to visiting other blogs to see some inspiring projects in 2014!!

December Review and 2013 Happy Dances

December 2013 Review
Start & finish Elves` Workshop - YES
Start & finish Hot Cocoa Café - YES
Buy some Christmas fabric for Santa`s Village - YES
Sew Santa`s Village into a hanging quilt - YES
I bought Christmas fabric for The Stitcher`s 12 Days of Christmas (a 2012 project), and I even finished sewing it into a hanging quilt as well!!

I had 21 Happy Dances in 2013, I think it was a successful stitching year!!
  1. Happy Holidays - Humbug
  2. Merriest Christmas ornament - Sue Hillis
  3. Bisco Bud
  4. Miniature 3D house - magazine
  5. Honey Bunny - Just Nan
  6. Gingerbread Girl - magazine
  7. Gingerbread Boy - magazine
  8. Christmas Bootie - Lynne Nicoletti
  9. Needlebook - my own design
  10. Santa's House - Country Cottage Needleworks (CCN)
  11. Poinsettia Place - CCN
  12. North Pole Post Office - CCN
  13. Mrs. Claus` Cookie Shop - CCN
  14. Santa`s Stocking Store - CCN
  15. Reindeer Stables - CCN
  16. Christmas Tree Farm - CCN
  17. Candy Cane Cottage - CCN
  18. Santa`s Sleighworks - CCN
  19. Gingerbread Emporium - CCN
  20. Elves` Workshop - CCN
  21. Hot Chocolate Café - CCN