Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fairy & Gnome Miniature Garden

Does anyone else have a Fairy or Gnome miniature garden?  I have been wanting one for years.  I built dollhouses years ago but never did miniature gardening.  It was always enough work to finish the inside of the dollhouse forget about doing the outside landscaping.   Yesterday we were at the nursery, Dave was looking for herbs to put in our garden.  We talked to one of the ladies that works there about Fairy gardens, she was very helpful (also has one of her own).  We bought a wooden box, potting soil, and miniature plants at the nursery.  Later I found a fairy and a gnome at Canadian Tire.  

This morning I put my garden together.  The house is a fish tank bubble watermill, but for now it is my house.  I want to build one from twigs, rocks and leave but that will be another day.  The rocks I collected on the beaches from New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (11 years ago).  It is still a work in progress.