Saturday, 16 March 2013

IHSW and Canada Blooms

This is IHSW (International Hermit Stitching Weekend). No time to stitch today. Sunday I will be working on Plaid Trousers. Haven't touched it in weeks. I'm waiting for more hand dyed floss (Caren's Creations), my LNS has it on order. I will stitch as much as I can with the floss I have left. That's why I had time to work on Honey Bunny without guilt. Before photo below.

Dave & I are driving to Toronto to Canada Blooms (huge flower/garden/landscape show at the C.N.E.). It started yesterday March 15th and runs until Sunday March 24th. I remember going once before, a long time ago when our boys were very young. I'm looking forward to spending a day pretending that it is spring/summer.

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  1. Enjoy the garden show...could be a dangerous place to go, LOL Love gardens and flowers...

  2. Enjoy your trip to Toronto, I have heard Canada Blooms is an amazing event..

  3. Have fun at Canada Blooms. I haven't been in about eight years, but I really enjoyed myself.

  4. Hope you got lots done, great design by the way :-)

  5. Nice stitching, enjoy the show!