Monday, 25 March 2013

Gingerbread Girl

While waiting for more Carrie's Creations (twinkle) floss to finish Plaid Trousers. My LNS is having problems getting more of the floss called Twinkle. I don't know when I will get more floss, so I'm doing another ornament. Here is a progress photo of Gingerbread Girl. I also have a boy to do after that will match.

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  1. Your Gingerbread Girl is adorable! I'm sure you'll have it done in time for the Ornament SAL post on Wednesday! Good luck finding the floss that you need.

  2. Ann, I can tell this is going to be so cute! I agree with Debbie!

  3. Thanks! I didn't quite make the Ornament SAL yesterday, my Gingerbread Girl still needs a face. My LNS managed to find more floss. It is in the mail, I should have it in the next week or so.