Monday, 25 November 2013

20 Stitchers Questions

I have been reading these questions on  Here are my answers. 

1) Which fabric do you most prefer?
I only stitch on 28ct evenweave fabric.

2) What is your favorite fabric count?
I only stitch on 28ct evenweave fabric.

3) What colour fabric do you most enjoy stitching on?
I don't have a specific colour, I choose the fabric to match the pattern

4) What is your favorite fibre?
I only use DMC.

5) How many of the 450 DMC Colours do you own?
I have one of each DMC floss wound on plastic bobbins in a wooden box with drawers in numerical order.  Plus extra DMC floss in floss away bags.

6) Of your last 5 projects -- how many used DMC/Anchor as the main floss?
I have been working on Santa's Village and all of them are stitched with DMC.

7) Of the last 5 projects, if you didn't use DMC/ANCHOR -- what did you use?
I only use DMC.

8) What needles do you prefer?
DMC Size 28

9) What is the UGLIEST design you've encountered?
I don't care for designs that are too simplistic (primitive), I love lots of colour and back stitching for detail.

10) What is the most BEAUTIFUL design you've encountered?
I love Paula Vaughn's designs.  I have only stitched one of them, but I have a few on my to do list.

11) Who is your favorite designer?
I have a few that I really like Dragon Dreams, Sue Hillis, Paula Vaughn, Joan Elliott, and Just Nan.

12) Least Favorite Designer
I'm not a fan of Heaven and Earth because they are over one.  I love looking at them, just don't have the desire to stitch them.  Since I only stitch one chart/pattern at a time, it would take me forever to stitch over one. 

13) Will you/would you stop supporting a designer who's personal beliefs offended / angered you?
NO, I don't care what the designer does in their personal life if I like the pattern/chart I will buy it.

14) Do you have a lamp especially made for needleworkers/crafters?
YES!! I just got a new one for my birthday this month.

15) What brand of stitching lamp do you have/prefer ?
I have 3 OTT lights (they are all desk lamps), and 1 Easyflex Natural Spectrum floor lamp.

16) What kind of environment best suits you when you are stitching?
Usually I stitch in front of the TV, or summer outside in my Adirondack chair.  I stitch Tuesday nights at Stitcher's Place (LNS).  I sometimes stitch in the car when Dave and I visit my parents (1 1/2 hrs).

17) Have you stitched any design more then once?
I have stitched the Handprints Poem at least 6 times, every time it was different.  I use the poem/hands then add something different around them to personalize them to the parents/child it is given to.  Example my sister wanted one for a friend that is a reptilian, the poem was green, and I stitched snakes, turtles, and lizards all around it.

18) Favorite design you have stitched and finished?
I started/finished Victorian Dollhouse (Joan Elliott) last year.  It is one of my favourites because I used to build dollhouses.  There is one that looks exactly like it called the McKinley and it hangs on the wall.  As soon as I saw the pattern in the magazine I knew I had to stitch it.

19) Least favorite design you've stitched and finished?
I don't usually stitch something that I don't like.

20) Last, but not least, what's your longest running WIP?
I don't usually have this problem because I'm a one-at-a-time stitcher, but I do have 2 cross stitches that I started and have not finished.  One was a Dimensions Gold Collection kit (I hate the aida).  I don't know if I'll ever finish it.  Two is a poem (I hate that every letter in the design looks different, they are not consistent).  I will re-chart the pattern and finish it next year.

Please leave a comment with your blog if you have done these questions too... I would love to read your answers!

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