Sunday, 19 April 2015

Happy Dance

Sorry, it has been awhile.   I just haven't felt like stitching much lately, and since my blog is about cross stitching there wasn't anything to blog about.  I'm slowly starting to stitch again.

Saturday night I finished stitching my Ribbon Candy Christmas ornmanent.  It should look nice on my Christmas tree when it is all assembled.  Here is a photo of my stitching and what it should look like when it is all assembled.  This can be found in the Cross Sitch and Needlework January 2014.


  1. Never too early for ornaments;) Your tree will be so pretty!

  2. I'm glad your stitching mojo has returned. Beautiful ornament; it'll be so pretty on your tree this year.

  3. Thanks, I'm looking forward to assembling it into an ornament.