Sunday, 3 May 2015

May Goals Revised & a Happy Dance

Did anyone else notice the mistake on my may goals post?  I had started a draft a week before May started so I had Shamrock Ornament as one of my goals for this month, but it was finished on April 30.

May Goals Revised
Start Just Nan's Floral Fifteen Biscornu
Stitch the front yard scene (next section) on Snowman Wisdom
Assemble Ribbon Candy ornament
Assemble Shamrock ornament
Assemble Just Nan's Hagatha's Hat 3D Miniature Witch's hat

Happy Dance!!
I just finished the Welcome Garden .. I didn't think, I just selected random DMC colours.


  1. That's an exciting mistake to have to correct! Congrats on the beautiful finishes. Good luck with your goals this month :-)

  2. beautiful finish, I love the colors:)

  3. Your welcome garden turned out fabulous!