Tuesday, 8 June 2021

ACNH - Orville

 March - Orville works at the airport sitting at the desk checking your tickets (boarding passes).  He talks to you every time you want to fly (to visit a friend's island or go to a mystery island) or to invite visitors (my friends or family).

I have created the background to look like him sitting at the ticket counter, showing the edge of his computer monitor and keyboard.  Also the white counter above the blue cabinet below, and part of the Dodo Airlines sign in the background.

I finished Orville yesterday, just in time for the June character to be released.  Did you notice Stewart charted him to be placed near the airport icon?

Here is the whole project.  Sorry the fabric looks faded.  It is so bright and sunny that it washed out the colours.  Photo above is closer to the true fabric colour.

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