Saturday, 20 October 2012


It is finally here, IHSW (International Hermit Stitching Weekend). Here is my before photo. The Master Bedroom is almost finished. A few more items to stitch and back stitch (picture frame and pink chair). I will definitely complete this room by the end of the weekend. Let's see how much I will get done in the attic bed room.

When I see that I'm getting close to a finish (like now), I start deciding what to stitch next. I have 4 projects that I want to do next year.
1 - Garden Chair by Cat's Whiskers. I fell in love with the design because I studied Interior Design and I used to build dollhouses/miniatures as a hobby.

2 - Namaste by Ink Circles. I love the vibrant colours of the rainbow.

3 - I Shall Wear Purple by Sue Hillis. This is for me, my favourite colour is purple.

4 - I Shall Wear Plaid by Stitch World. My husband turns 50 on March 24th, and it is the companion piece to mine.

These are decisions that I like to make, they don't affect anyone else but me. Which one should I start next? I will only stitch one at a time. The exception might be to have a large project at home and a small one to take to the cross stitch club on Tuesday nights.
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