Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

Well it is the start of a new year, so I think it is time to post my stitching goals for the month and the rest of the year.  I only stitch one project at a time ... but I'm going to have two on the go.  One big project for at home ... Plaid Trousers, then Puple or Garden Chair.  I will have small ornaments (travel projects) to work on at the Tuesday Night Stitcher's Club.  When I have too many projects I feel overwelmed and nothing gets accomplished.

2013 Stitching Goals

  • When I am an old man, I Shall Wear Plaid Trousers
  • I want this completed for my husband's 50th birthday (March 24th)

  • When I am an old woman, I Shall Wear Purple
  • This is for me, it is the companion piece to the Plaid Trousers.

    • Garden Chair (Miniature chair by The Cat's Whiskers)
    • I bought this a few years, I love it ... but it scares me (I only stitch on 28ct over 2) and fascinates me at the same time (I love dollhouse miniatures). 
    • I will be using 32ct Ecru evenweave (stitched over 1), with purples/green/beige colour scheme. 

    • 3D Ornaments (Biscobud, Biscornu, Pendible, Humbug and anything else I can find)
    • I have a tray that I'd like to finish (stain), just need to find the perfect cross stitch pattern to fit inside it.

    January Goals
    • an ornament (or maybe two) with a tree or wreath theme
    • stitch a few more lines on my Plaid Trousers poem
    • plan out the placement of garden chair parts on the 32ct ecru evenweave (start backstitching the shapes on the fabric)

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