Saturday, 15 February 2014

Friendship exchange

Today was a great day. It was the Friendship Exchange at my LNS (link is on the right side bar at the bottom because it is a store). This was the first exchange that Wilma did through her cross stitch store. There were 4 of us participating in the exchange. It was my first time, and it was a wonderful experience. I stitched a scissor case and fob (another first for me). I included a pair of scissors because I wasn't sure if she had a pair small enough to fit the case.

I got a pattern from Happy Stitching ( I used the flowers, but in my own colours. I also used the over one hummingbird pattern on the fob. The rest was my own idea (poem was from my garden chair).

Here is a photo showing all four stitched items. I stitched the scissor case and fob for Leigh. Leigh stitched the Friendship framed item for Wilma. Wilma stitched the Friends coaster for Heather. Heather stitched a Just Nan Minerva mouse for me.

I was thrilled to receive Minerva mouse. I have seen it on the web, but it was a limited edition several years ago before I discovered Just Nan so I couldn't buy the pattern. Thanks to Heather, I now have a Minerva mouse of my very own.

We had so much fun with this exchange all four of us (and 2 others) will be participating in the Canadian online Spring is Coming exchange in April. I have to find something new to stitch.

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  1. Great exchange! I love all these pretty finishes :)

  2. What a wonderful exchange and such talented Stitchers.

  3. They are all so cute, and I love your scissors case. Perfect for travel to groups and pretty too. How fun to be in an exchange for those. What is the mouse, an ornament or something else?

    1. btw, I found your blog while visiting the GYB hop, and am enjoying your blog immensely.

  4. What a lovely and useful piece this is!

  5. Thank you for the lovely comments! The friendship exchange was a great experience. I wanted to make something that would be useful. I plan on making myself one in the near future. Not sure what to stitch for the Spring/Easter exchange.