Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Halloween Cross Stitch Exchange

Tuesday night is Stitcher's Club at my LNS Stitcher's Place (www.stitcherplace.com).  Tonight was our Cross Stitch Halloween Exchange so I can finally show you what I stitched back in August/September. I did a pumpkin - 15 sided biscornu (my first one).  The fabric is 28ct Lugana evenweave colour is called Fizzle by Picture this Plus.  I used my Just Nan Floral Fifteen for the shapes (15 squares).  The top 5 squares I used the flower from one of Elizabeth Almond's  (Blackwork Journey) free designs from her website.  The middle and bottom squares I just started backstitching lines into a pattern.  I wanted something simple to stitch, but busy enough when it was done to fill in the orange because the orange Fizzle fabric is very light.  I personalized it with a Jack O'Lantern face and on the bottom Halloween Exchange 2014.  Here are some photos of my pumpkin.   Remember the box, this is what I presented my pumpkin in.

Here are 4 of the 5 exchange pieces that were traded tonight in person.  There was 1 online stitcher who participated, she stitched the white biscornu in the middle.  It is always interesting to see what everyone stitches.  What are the chances out of the 5 stitchers to have 3 biscornus and we all chose a different Halloween pattern and fabric.  I love participating in the exchanges.  

Leigh received my pumpkin, I received her beautiful framed picture (thanks Leigh, I love it!), Deborah (not sure if this is the correct spelling of her name) received the biscornu in the middle from the online stitcher, and Wilma (LNS owner who hosted the exchange) received the beautiful biscornu on the right from Deborah.  Wilma's item (I forgot to ask what she stitched) was mailed to the online stitcher.