Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October Goals

October Goals

Finish Sue Hillis' Yes, I Can Drive a Stick
Start & Finish Just Nan's Hagatha's Hat
Plan Christmas Ornament Exchange project

September Review

Finish stitching Just Nan's Holly Bows Christmas Ornament - Yes
Finish Halloween exchange project - Yes
Start Just Nan's Hagatha's Hat - No, didn't start
Start Sue Hillis' Yes, I Can Drive a Stick - Yes, almost finished

Here is a progress photo of Yes, I Can Drive a Stick.  I'm almost finished the ribbon on the broom.   Then just have to finish the words on the bottom.  Hope to have it completed this weekend.  Sorry the photo still doesn't show the beautiful "purple" colour of the fabric.


  1. A sweet finish! Love all the colours!!

  2. Ann, that stick drive cross stitch is adorable! Setting goals is nice, but it is not always easy to accomplish them. I know this all too well! 75 percent is not a bad outcome.