Saturday, 24 October 2015

Witchy Pumpkin Cottage update #3

I'm still working on the 2nd side (front door) of the cube.

I attended a workshop at Stitcher's Place (LNS) this afternoon.  Heather taught us how to do a Picot edge using 3 different stitches.  Four-sided stitch, Pulled Backstitch and the Nun's Stitch.  I managed to do the first 2 stitches, but am still having problems with the Nun's Stitch.  I will look online tomorrow to find another set of instructions to follow.  Here is how it looks when you do the first 2 stitches (four-sided stitch and then pulled backstitch.
Then you fold the evenweave and do the Nun's stitch to secure the edge in place.  The edge is a beautiful way to finish a bellpull, hanging sampler, needleroll.  I want to do this on the sides of the Snowman Wisdom (if I every get it done).  Enjoyed the class, just need to practice more.  Thanks Wilma for encouraging Heather to teach a class on this type of finish.


  1. It looks great. Good luck figuring out the nun stitch.

  2. I always do better learning new stitches in person vs. watching a video or online tutorial. Those do look like a nice way to finish off a bell pull.

  3. Dutch Treat used to have really good instructions on the nun stitch,so try their website. I really like the finished edge that was pictured.