Monday, 1 April 2019

April Goals

April Stitching Goals
Finish March block
Floral April block (April 15)
Finish something from my FFG pile (April 10)
Stitch something small for the 2019 Small SAL (April 26)

Other Hobbies April Goals
A-Z Challenge (Zentangle)
Finish & mail Denise’s card (April 16)
Think about cards for May.

March Stitching Review
Floral March block (Mar 15) - NO, but I started it (about half done
Finish something from my FFG pile (Mar 10) - YES, I finished 5 items
Stitch something small for the 2019 Smalls SAL (Mar 29) - No, but I started the March block and I did 7 parts to the Blackwork Anemone

Other Hobbies March Review
Make a birthday card for my husband Dave (birthday March 24) - YES, I finished his card
Design a birthday card for my sister Denise (April 16) - I started my sister’s card

It is April and if you are not aware it is also A-Z month.  You can read about it at  A to Z Challenge. I’m not registered, I just like to have an excuse to blog everyday of the month.  It is when you show something starting with a different letter of the alphabet  Monday - Saturday throughout the month of April.  My topic is Zentangle.  This forced me to learn some Zentangle patterns.

A is for ...

Amybaby, Afterglo, Antidots and Ahh.

I’m using a small 5” x 7” sketch book.  I traced 2 artist’s tiles (similar to a Zentangle Tile) on each page of the sketch book.  When I am comfortable drawing Zentangle patterns I will use the real tiles instead of the sketch book.

Tile A before I started
You start by creating the 4 corner dots.  Draw tangles (pencil divide lines).

My finished Zentangle A tile. 

I have to be honest.  I didn’t enjoy my first Zentangle experience.  I’m a perfectionist, so I want everything to look pretty and symmetrical.  I have been looking at other artists work for several years and thought it would be easy to draw the patterns.  I found my hand was shaky and the lines are crooked.  I’m not used to writing/drawing with a fine tip.  I prefer medium ball point pens to write with.  

I screwed up on the Afterglo pattern from the start.  That is why there is a black section, I had to fill it in to fix my lines.  I’m happy with the way that one turned out after the mistake. 

If you are interested in trying these patterns or to see what other ones are out there.  Please go to Tangle Patterns.


  1. I think your zentangle looks great.

  2. As a non-zentangle person I agree with Bette, but then we are always our own worst critics! I look forward to seeing one a day during April and the designs each letter of the alphabet has to offer. Do they have special meanings or is each design just made up according to the designer's taste? (forgive my ignorance!)
    I took part in the A-Z Challenge back in 2016. I really enjoyed it, ending up with something I'd been wanting to stitch for 20 years, but it was hard work because each post was big! The finished stitching is still in my UFO pile; maybe it's about time I did something about it. :)