Wednesday, 10 April 2019

H is for ...

Hopscotch, Hollibaugh and Hearts & Diamonds.

Sorry, I’m a day behind this week.  I was so busy yesterday trying to finish my sister’s birthday card so I could mail it today.  Her birthday is next Tuesday and she lives about an hour away from me.  I hope it arrives in time.  

It was late by the time I finished that I didn’t have time to do my Zentangle for the day.

Here is the H tile with the corner dots and tangles.

Here is the completed Zentangle H Tile.  I just noticed the typo (wrote) Diamonds & Hearts instead of Hearts & Diamonds.

I finally found a Zentangle pattern ... Hollibaugh that I enjoyed.  That’s why it is coloured!!

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  1. Playing catch-up on your posts... yes, I agree, Hollibaugh is lovely; one of those patterns where you can follow the intricacies of the under and over weaves. :)