Monday, 20 May 2019

Birthday cards

I have been busy making cards.  This is the first year that I’m making cards for family and friends, so I’m trying to make different types of cards.  

The first card was for my youngest son Jordyn who turned 25 on Saturday of the long weekend.   Here is the card I made for Jordyn.  It is called a Peek a Boo card.  You show one image and then when you open the card it changes to another one.
Here is the surprise on the inside ... a picture of a unicorn cake.  Our family has a weird sense of humour.  He thought it was very funny.
The second card is for my sister Pam who turns 44 next Sunday.  She loves The Little Mermaid, so I created a water themed card.  It started out as a double Z card, but then I decided to make it into a shaker card as well.  That is when it wouldn’t fold like a Z anymore because the double sided foam you use to make the shaker part.  It was too thick to fold.  So now it is a V shape when it stands up.  If you know the story of The Little Mermaid you will notice that I took the liberty of adding a few other fish to the story from Finding Nemo.

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