Monday, 26 March 2012

Stitching update

This has been a crazy month.  I have had to deal with failed car emissions and retesting before getting  my car stickers. We are also in the middle of our basement renovation.  Every weekend we have been busy moving furniture out of the basement to make room for the electrician, plumber, or inspector.

March photo of my ORT jar is on the TUSAL page.

I had to move all my cross stitching stuff out of the way.  I haven't had much time to stitch, but when I do, I feel like working on Happy Stitching.  Here is a progress photo from Sunday afternoon. 

This is Stitcher's Days of Christmas.  I have finished day four, and started day three.

A little more completed in the living room.  I love this project, but seem to pull more stitches out than I put in.  That's why I haven't got as much done as I'd like to.  I like the white walls between each room, but I'm not sure about the white lattice at the bottom of the house.  I don't like the black outline.  Still trying to decide if I'm keeping it white or if I should change it.


  1. All your stitching looks lovely. I love the Days of Christmas, it's cute.

    Good luck with the renovations.

  2. New to your blog....your stitching is beautiful! I've never seen the Stitcher's Day of Christmas chart before, it is adorable!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and entering my floss giveaway!


  3. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog.

    Your stitching is lovely.

    Congrats on your Liebster award.

    Happy stitching!