Wednesday, 9 April 2014

H is for ... Handprints poem

There is one chart that I have stitched 8 times, but it never looks the same. I bought a chart/pattern called Baby Keepsakes when my oldest son Jaspar's Kindergarten teacher was pregnant with her first baby (1998). The first time, I stitched it exactly like the chart/pattern was created.

In 2006, my brother became a grandfather. His daughter had a baby girl, so I stitched it again, but this time I used the freebie toys from Ellen-Maurer Stroh's website and motified the blocks to spell girl. I also personalized it with her name, and birth date.

Each time I change the toys to match the nursery theme or the colour of the words/hands. The next 2 were for past co-workers both had boys. This one was done in green because at the time she didn't know if it was a boy or a girl.

This one was definitely for a boy, so I stitched it in blue.

This one was stitched in 2008. It was an unusual request from my sister. She has a friend that is a reptilian and asked me to create a cross stitch for them with reptiles on it. It was fun, even though I hate snakes.

This one was for my husband's old boss's granddaughter. The nursery theme was butterflies and I knew it was a girl. I personalized it with her name, etc.

My sisters requested two more in 2011, for family friends. The theme for the first one was jungle animals. I personalized it with the baby boy's name, birth date, and weight.

This second one was for a baby girl. I didn't know their theme, so it is more simple. I personalized it with her name, birth date, and weight as well.

And this month I will be stitching the poem 2 more times. Once more for the new baby sister of the pink one above, but this time I will stitch it in purple. I will show a finished photo in May.

My sister has crocheted a baby gift for another friend with a jungle animals theme (no photo of the finished project yet). I told her I'd match the same animals (giraffe, elephant, lion, tiger, and monkey) in the cross stitch. I will show a finished photo of the cross stitch in May. Photo below is from the Annie's crafts website. Pattern is called Into the Jungle (crochet pattern)

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  1. Wow, I'm really impressed that you've stitched the same design so many times in so many ways. I bet you have that poem memorized!

    1. Good thing it is a poem I like to stitch, and no I haven't got it memorized. :)

  2. It's amazing how different it looks each time you have stitched it....and so perfect for each person!

  3. That original chart certainly got a lot of use! All your personalized versions are incredible! Such awesome gifts!