Sunday, 21 December 2014

Skate ornament Happy Dance

I finished the skate into an ornament and forgot to take a photo before giving it away.   Deborah was not able to attend the Christmas Exchange, so I left the ornament with Wilma at Stitcher's Place.  Deborah was supposed to pick it up yesterday.  Here is my finished pillow ornament photos courtesy of Wilma.

I haven't stitched a thing in over a week.  Too busy baking and shopping.  Today I started assembling the Pokemon Gyarados wooden box project for Sarah; my son Jordyn's girlfriend.  I lined the box (base and lid) with blue fabric.  I have the cross stitch part stuffed and mounted on cardstock.  I also made the blue & white cording to go around the stitched project.  Jordyn sprayed the lid with a clear "gloss" finish.  

Tomorrow night I will attach the cross stitch to the lid and Jordyn will finish painting waves on the sides of the box.  I hope to be able to spray the base with a clear "gloss" finish tomorrow night as well.   After  that it is just adding the brass hinges and front clasp.   I will show photos when it is all finished.

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