Monday, 22 December 2014

Finishing mood

I don't feel like starting a huge project because it is almost the end of the year.  I'm trying to finish up any unfinished projects.  Planning all my projects and Stitch-A-Longs for 2015.

1.  The wooden box, my part is done.  Here is a photo of the lid with the stitched Pokemon Gyarados and some blue & white cording around it.  

I think the blue fabric for the inside is perfect, since this is a water Pokemon.

As you can see Jordyn is still painting the waves on the side of the box.  He paints one colour, then has to wait for it to dry before adding more coats or another colour.  Plus he is a procrastinator ... he could have been painting while I was stitching for the past few months.  He thinks he has lots of time ... Christmas Eve is not until Wednesday night.

2.  2012 Gingerbread Mouse has been stitched for months but still needed to be assembled.  Tonight after working on the wooden box lid I assembled the mouse.  I think he is adorable.  

We will see what else I can finish by the end of December 2014.


  1. Those are two seriously awesome projects!

  2. * *   * *  * 
    ★  *  ★  ☆  ★ *  
     * *  * 

  3. Such awesome finishes. That box is stunning :-D

  4. Thanks Caitlin, it was a lot of fun doing a wooden box. I think I will have to do another one sometime in the near future.