Saturday, 5 March 2016

Organization - Craft Shelf/Floss Cabinet

I know everyone has their own way of storing cross stitch floss.  I only use DMC because I don't like doing a full X each time.  I like to do a half stitch first ///// and then go back and finish the X by doing the other half of the stitch \\\\\.  This is why I don't use hand dyed floss, not because the colours don't look nice, but just because of the way I stitch.

I have one of each DMC colour wrapped on plastic bobbins in a wooden cabinet.  When I first started cross stitching (1995) I belonged to a Miniature club (building Dollhouses and Miniatures), I designed my own cabinet to look similar to the beautiful and expensive DMC wooden cabinets and one of the Miniaturists built the cabinet for me.  I made mine to sit the plastic beading/floss cases inside (without the lids).  I LOVE my wooden cabinet and use it all the time.  I have never finished it with stain or varnish because I didn't want to ruin it by picking a colour.  The wood has changed colour over the years, someday I might treat the wood but for now it is still bare wood.  Here are a few photos.

The cabinet has 4 drawers and the top section full of DMC floss.  Looking back I should have designed it with more drawers to hold extra skeins of floss.

All the extra DMC skeins of floss I keep inside floss bags in a scrapbook 12 X 12 box from Michaels.  I use these cases for all my hobbies, so Dave & I designed a craft shelf to hold scrapbook 12 X 12 cases.  I didn't want all the cases to be the same colour, so I bought 2 of each colour whenever Michael's had them on sale.  I now have enough to fill the shelf.  

On the top of my shelf I have a jewelry holder that spins around, I hang all my Just Nan 3D limited edition ornaments on it.  I also have a glass box with my 3D chair (keeps it dust free).  You will also see the painted box that I won from Angela.

Here is a list of things I keep in the 12 X 12 scrapbook cases.
- Zentangle/drawing supplies
- pencil crayons for my colouring books
- extra DMC floss in floss bags, DMC Variegated
- cross stitch supplies
- finished projects (to be assembled or framed)
- kitted projects
- fabric (28ct/32ct evenweave or linen)
- charts that I want to complete soon


  1. Beautiful! I'm finally getting a craft room and I'm excited to figure out how I'll set mine up :)