Saturday, 26 March 2016

Question about Colouring Calendar

Cathy at left me a comment/question about my Colouring Calendar. 

I need to get one of these for my daughter. Did you add the coloring or did it come that way? 

Here is a photo of the box.  I bought it at Costco last fall, but I'm sure you can find them somewhere else online.
There is a different page to colour each day.  As you can see below Saturday & Sunday are on one page. 
I have this calendar on my desk at work, but most days I don't have time to colour ... just too busy.  When I do, I use 5 different fluorescent highlight markers.  The bright colours make me happy.


  1. This is a great colouring book idea.

  2. I like that it's designed for you to take a bit of a break each day and do something enjoyable

  3. Thank you so much for the information. I think I'll see if I can find one for a Christmas present. I know she enjoys coloring and already has the pens/markers.