Sunday, 10 February 2019

Cross Stitching on a water bottle

I didn’t get any stitching done yesterday because I went to visit my sisters and my dad.  My sister Denise has a Cricut Explorer Air 2.  I asked her to use the Cricut to cut out my name (Ann) so I could iron it on my fluorescent yellow vest for work.  I work as a Logistics Customer Service Representative in a Shipping office located inside a warehouse, so I need to wear a safety vest so the forklift drivers can see me walking around.  If my name is on my vest other people won’t borrow/steal the vest.  

My sisters Pam & Denise were showing me all the stuff they created with the Cricut.  They do a lot of water bottles, cups/mugs, wine glasses and t-shirts.  My husband Dave and I decided we should personalize our water bottles.  Dave likes cows (he has a cow calendar in our home office), so he asked Denise to find a cow for his water bottle.

I’m a little more creative and wanted something more personal.  Denise and I recreated part of my logo (white grid, gold needle, and purple thread and stitches to form a letter A) from my blog.  As you can see in the 3 photos below, it wraps around my bottle.


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