Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Google account & Blogger being shut down??

Hi everyone.  I got an email about my Google account being shut down as of April 2, 2019.  My blog is through Blogger which is attached to my Google account, so if I’m understanding the email, I will no longer have a blog as of April.  I noticed that 99% of the blogs in my list that I follow are through Blogger.  Does that mean that everyone else uses a Google account as well?  What is everyone else planning to do?  Open a new blog through another provider (WordPress)?  I’m looking into WordPress myself or is this the time to stop blogging all together.  I’d like to hear what other cross stitchers are planning on doing. 


  1. I also have my blog on Blogger but haven't gotten any email yet about Google being shut down. I did hear Google Plus was going away. Since I don't use Google Plus, I wasn't worried about it.

  2. Don't panic! Only Google+ is being closed down. Providing you are using a Blogger profile and not a Google+ profile nothing will change. If you are using a Google+ profile you need to switch to a Blogger profile now (I was and have now swapped) but Blogger itself is remaining where it is, there is no need to look for another platform. You can relax now! :)