Tuesday, 11 May 2021

2000 pc puzzle - completed

Dave & I started the puzzle on May 3 and completed it a week later on May 10.  It was challenging, but not impossible. We don’t like puzzles with lots of one colour (sky or water).

I like to put all of the puzzle pieces in a zipper bag, so we don’t have to tape up the boxes.  

We have been buying puzzles for many years and always buy new ones every year, but we also keep a lot of our puzzles to build again. If we don’t like the puzzle or think we don’t want to do it again, we put them aside and later mail them to my mother-in-law.  


  1. I love jigsaw puzzles but my husband is less interested so we never seem to do them now. I love this one and how you are so organised about your puzzling.

  2. Oh that's beautiful. We would like to sit in those chairs and listen to the beautiful waves.

  3. Good idea to keep the pieces in a zipper bag. I used to love doing puzzles but haven´t done one now in years. Maybe my grandkids can help me with one next Xmas.