Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 Goals & 2015 Reviews

Review 2015 ... Happy Dances!
I had 10 Happy Dances for 2015, it wasn't as good as the year before.

Friendship Exchange 
Ribbon Candy Ornament
Shamrock Ornament
Summer Exchange 
Snowman Alphabet - JBW
Bluebird Tweet Ornament - Just Nan
Stitcher's Place - Tiny Modernist
Gingerbread Jingle Mouse - Just Nan
Witchy Pumpkin Cottage - Just Nan
Jack Skellington Ornament

I didn't finish my large project Snowman Wisdom, but plan to finish it as soon as possible this year.  I have been stitching on it all afternoon and evening.  Here is where I left off November 2015.
Here is what I got done today.

Goals for 2016 - it looks like it will be a Just Nan year!
Finish Snowman Wisdom - Sue Hillis
Start Paradise Banner - Stoney Creek
Floral Fifteen (15 sided Biscornu) - Just Nan
Just Nan Mice - Gingerbread Angel Mouse, Miss Witchy Mouse, Miss Witchy Sister Mouse, Gingerbread Reindeer Mouse, Juliet Mouse
Emma & Eliza's Christmas Hat - Just Nan
Amethyst Snowflake - Just Nan
Feathers & Flowers (Tiny Biscornu) - Just Nan 

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