Saturday, 16 January 2016

Colouring and Varnishing

Today has been a busy day at home.  Dave made pizza dough and sauce, he will cook the pizzas for supper on the egg.  He also made bbq sauce.  I made molasses cookie dough (it is resting in the fridge) and will bake the cookies tonight.  

Dave & I also put the second coat of varnish on the Mini Max Big Green Egg table we built a few weeks ago.  Third (final) coat is tomorrow and then a week of drying in the house before putting it outside to live in the harsh Canadian winter weather.  I'll show a photo when it is completely finished.

Today I spent time colouring in my Harry Potter colouring book.  So far I think I will colour the pages in order in the book.  That might change when I get to a page I'm not crazy about.


  1. Awesome coloring book. It will be fun to color it in order. Like watching the story unfold. Can't wait to see the table.

  2. Sounds like fun! The coloring book is so detailed it's awesome!