Sunday, 3 January 2016

Being creative every day

2016 you will see other hobbies on my blog.  I don't have time to cross stitch every day/night because I have lots of other creative things I like to do.  This will give me more things to blog about.

Adult Colouring Books
I didn't jump on the colouring bandwagon.  I have always loved colouring... As a child, then as a teen with my younger sisters and kids I babysat, later as a mom when my sons were young.  I bought myself 2 new colouring books for Christmas from the artist Johanna Basford.

In the Lost Ocean the artist has drawn items for you to look & find amongst the pages.
I will choose random pages to colour in this book.  I decided to colour the turtle page first because we have a pet turtle.

The Secret Garden, the pages are larger.  I decided that I will colour the pages in order in this book. 
I have started the first page (there are 20 drawings in this book).


  1. Ooo the ocean one sounds fun! I'm not much into coloring but these look great!

  2. I picked up Secret Ocean for myself before the holidays, and am still coloring in the title page. It has such beautiful artwork in it though.

  3. I got her Lost Ocean for Christmas and have all her others too :) Aren't they fun?!

  4. I think coloring is the one of the best things I do for my brain. Your turtles are beautiful. Thank you for sharing