Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Cross Stitch Finishing class

I was looking forward to stitching tonight ... but I don't think I was meant to take this class.  I was supposed to be attending a finishing class at Stitcher's Place (my LNS).  I think Wilma originally planned it for the summer but no one seemed interested so she rescheduled it for the fall.  It was cancelled last week due to the snow storm we had in our area.

I was on my way to the class, listening to music on my iPad.  I was unaware of the accident on Hwy 401 but I noticed traffic had come to a dead stop, so I decided to pull a "U" turn, that's when I hit the curb.  My car started pulling to the right as I'm driving.  I pull over in the Costco parking lot and then realize I have a flat tire.   

I never did show you a photo of my new 2014 Toyota Yaris Hatchback when I bought it in March.

I have roadside assistance, but with traffic being busy (and it isn't cold out tonight) I figure it would be faster if I can try to change the tire myself.  I helped my husband a few months ago change another tire on my new car.  I know where to find the jack, the locking nut for the tire, the spare tire, etc.

It took me at least 15 minutes to remove the jack from under the driver's seat (stupid place to store it in the Toyota Yaris).  Then I fought with the jack to elevate the car.  I was using the locking nut, but for some reason it wouldn't unlock the tires.  By now I'm very frustrated.  I was dialing roadside assistance when a man stops to ask if I need help.  I gladly accepted his help.  I will be calling the company where he works tomorrow to tell them how nice and helpful he was.

I was at Toyota about an hour.  They have to order a new tire, so I will have to go back tomorrow night and get it replaced.  Of course this all happens a week before I get new winter tires put on my car.

This is an image from the Yaris manual showing where they store the jack (under the driver's seat).

I love my new car (I waited 4 years to buy it) but I think it has an invisible target painted on it.  Someone at work was throwing out my old desk during renovations and it hit the front of my car.  I had to have the hood replaced (it was only 2 months old), and now this is my 2nd flat tire (the car is only 8 months old). 

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  1. I had this kind of luck with my old car. Hopefully yours won't get totaled like mine.
    Some cars are just cursed, apparently :P

    Sorry to hear about your bad luck though!