Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pokemon Gyarados update #5

It is Tuesday night so I went to the Stitcher's Club at my LNS (Stitcher's Place).  I stitched on my Pokemon project which needs to be completed for Christmas.  It might go faster if I stop talking or watching TV while I'm trying to count.  I have pulled out so many stitches.  It is hard to stitch on black at night.


  1. To make stitching on black a bit easier, you could try putting a white cloth or piece of fabric in your lap (or a white tablecloth if you are sitting at a table). It really helps you see the holes! Good luck.

  2. Stitching on black is definitely tricky, but you're making great progress :D

  3. Thanks for the tip Anna about the white underneath my stitching. I'll have to try it. :)