Thursday, 27 November 2014

Cross Stitch Finishing Class

I made it to the class tonight at Stitcher's Place (LNS).  I started stitching my ornament.  I chose the JBW Designs A Winter Collection.  The patterns we got to choose from are not my style, but one of our regular Tuesday night stitcher's Deborah said she liked the skate ornament.   So I'm stitching it for her.  Sorry Deborah but I decided that even though the sparkly fabric we chose would look fabulous I have had such a stressful week at work (and last night with my car) I don't want my love of stitching to be without stress, no sparkly fabric.

As you can see not much progress, I was learning the stuff I missed from last night.  Wilma taught us how to make a tassle from DMC floss, and a ribbon bow.  We also played with the Kreinik corder. I bought one from Wilma earlier this year.  Here is what the Kreinik corder looks like.  I made the cording for my one of my projects in the spring.

Wilma also taught us how to make a cube that stands up (forgot to take a photo of this).  Here is a photo of Leigh's ornament (red fabric is on the back) without the cording and finishing touches (hanger, bow, etc).

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