Monday, 3 June 2019

My New Craft Room

Hi Everyone.  I’m so excited.  I finally have my own craft room.  It’s not as beautiful as some of the ones I have seen on Pinterest and on blogs, but it is mine and it didn’t cost me any extra money.  I used furniture we already had around the house.

This used to be my youngest son Jordyn’s bedroom.  He bought a house almost 2 years ago.  At first we made it into an exercise room.  But then decided to move the exercise equipment to to basement so we can exercise whenever we want to.  It was hard to exercise in this room during the daytime because our oldest son sleeps during the day (the bedrooms are right beside each other), he works nights.  Jordyn went through a stage where he loved everything Egyptian.  So we painted his bedroom like he was inside a pyramid.  We used 3 different browns.  Chocolate for the accents (doors and window trim).  Medium brown for the walls and a very light brown for the ceiling.  We then painted brown lines to simulate blocks as if it was the cracks in the pyramid walls.  Next we painted Hieroglyphics.  We put the whole alphabet on the wall so people could decipher the 3 names we spelt on the walls.  I also did 4 cross stitch pictures for the room, which I got to keep when he moved.  

The 2 shown in this photo are Lanarte kits I bought of Queen Nefertiti and King Tut.   The Heiroglyphics name on this wall under the cross stitch spells JORDYN.  The black shelf in this photo is all my cross stitch supplies.  The Drawer unit holds all my DMC floss on bobbins.  I have a chair so my husband has a place to sit when he comes in to visit (he works from home) and wants to look out the window at our backyard.

This photo shows the back of the bedroom door (chocolate brown).  I put a thin bookcase behind the bedroom door which holds all my cross stitch magazines.  Inside the closet is a filing cabinet on wheels so I can access it easily because it holds all my cross stitch books (hard and soft cover), scrapbooks, photos, etc.  I also put my ironing board up here so when I want to sew or finish a cross stitch project it will be handy.

My oldest son Jaspar still lives at home.  He is sharing part of my room to store his Warhammer miniatures (on the metal shelf on the right) and Magic Cards on the smaller shelf below the window and beside the chair.  The photo on the wall is another cross stitch.  It spells JORDYN in hieroglyphs and looks like a Cartouche.  The hieroglyphs on the wall under the cross stitch spells JASPAR.

The metal shelf on the left is my sewing, beads, card making, scrapbooking and colouring supplies.  I will eventually buy containers that I think will organize my supplies better, but this works for now.  The hieroglyphics on this wall spells CHRISTIE (our last name). 

This photo shows the hieroglyphics alphabet and several Egyptian plates we found and a cross stitch of Anubis.  His bedroom had a built in desk so I put my desk up next to it in an L shape.  I have an OTT light on the desk.  There is a paper recycling box under the desk along with a garbage can.  I bought a ball chair several years ago at Costco.  It is so comfortable to sit on, much easier on my lower back.

Thanks for visiting with me. 


  1. How lovely to have your own craft room (even if you do have to share a portion of it!) The decor is certainly unique! I hope you find time to have many hours of happy stitching in there. :)

  2. Thanks for visiting Rachel. I hope to find more time stitching. I have spent more time organizing my house this year than enjoying my hobbies.

  3. Look at you, all organized and stuff! What a great room you have, and how nice of you to share part of it! I hope you stitch and create many wonderful things in there, congratulations.