Thursday, 20 June 2019

Painting more miniatures

I have spent several days over the past 2 weeks helping my oldest son Jaspar paint more of his Warhammer army.  Last week I painted the 5 men that sit on top of the 5 horses I showed you last time.  Here are the men and their horses.

Here are the men sitting on the horses.
Jaspar painted 5 men that were already glued on to their horses.  They all started out the silver, then he put a primer on them (blue like on the bases).  He did a good job painting the men and horses, but he doesn’t have the patience to make sure all the blue primer was covered up.  So I touched up all 5 of his men on horses for him.  They were much harder to paint because they were glued to the horses.

Yesterday we started painting a different army (30 Phoenix guards).  They were all primed with red paint.  Jaspar painted the gold on their armour (chain mail), feathers on the head and gloved hands.  They he passed them to me to paint their faces (flesh), and their weapons.  He then took them back to put a red wash all over them.

Tomorrow we start painting another army.

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