Monday, 24 June 2019

Colour Swatch Cards for my Pencil Crayons (Coloured Pencils)

My first time trying this technique.  All the artist websites and blogs recommend making coloured swatches (coloured cards) for each coloured pencil, marker, paint, etc that I have in my inventory.  I will only do this with my Prismacolor pencil crayons (also known as coloured pencils).  Some of the colours don’t look exactly like the outside wooden shell colour.  I used my Creative Memories tag maker and a drawing paper.  I write on the colour number and name using that exact pencil crayon and then make a colour sample (light, medium and very dark).  It will take a few days to go through all my pencil crayons.  I have a pack of 60 Prismacolor Scholar and 132 Prismacolor Premier Soft Core plus 11 of the 18 extra colours.  It was cheaper to buy the 132 pack instead of the 150 on and then I will buy the extra colours separately as I can find them in an art store close to home.  

To make it easier to find a colour, I separated all of my pencil crayons into trays from Michael’s.  I have 9 trays right now (black, white & metallic/brown/green/blue/red & pink/grey/purple/yellow & cream/orange & peach), but I could separate the colours more since some trays have more than one colour in them.

I already made enough tags for each tray.  Here are a few of the colour cards I made this morning.  I finished the black, white & metallic and brown.  Than I started on the greens colours.  Now I can see how each pencil crayon looks when I colour ... light, medium and dark.  Some of the greens look like blues, even thought the name of the colour says green (Peacock Green and Light Green).  Not sure if I will move them to the blue tray or keep them in the green one.  I’ll decide after I finish making all my colour cards. 

Not sure if I will put them all on 1 ring with cardstock colour dividers or each colour on it’s own ring.  I’ll decide when they are all done.

Anyone else colour?  Have you separated your pencil crayons into colour groups?  Have you made any colour cards?

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