Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Welcome to a new year everyone.  I’m looking forward to 2019.  There will be some changes to my blog this year.    

It took some time, but I finally got my stitching mojo back.  The last few years I lost it.  I realize part of that is I don’t have deadlines because I’m only stitching for myself.  I don’t belong to a stitching club, so there are no more stitching exchanges (with deadlines).  I don’t have anyone to give my stitching to, so I don’t have a real deadline.  I always stitched for my family, friends, my son’s teachers, etc.  I gave away ornaments to co-workers this year.  I started out in June stitching my first ornament, but I was stitching up to a few nights before my deadline which was on Friday, December 21 (Christmas party at work).  I stitched in total 14 ornaments.  It seems I really do need a deadline to get stitching completed.  :)

2018 Stitching Review
14 Ornaments - 12 for co-workers / 2 extras for our tree
Jaimie & Avery
**I will post photos in the next few days of the ornaments I stitched in 2018.**

2019 Stitching Goals - almost the same as last year
Stitching an ornament each month
Finish stitching Spring Mouse in a House
Stitch all of my Just Nan 3D Miniatures
  1. Gingerbread Reindeer Mouse
  2. Gingerbread Santa Mouse
  3. Gingerbread Mrs. Claus Mouse
  4. Witchy Mouse
  5. Witchy Sister Mouse
  6. Summer Mouse in a House (stitch mouse for sure)
  7. Autumn Mouse in a House (stitch mouse for sure)
  8. Christmas Mouse in a House (stitch mouse for sure)
  9. Frosty Mouse in a House (stitch mouse for sure)
Stitch on a huge project (using my floor stand) - find a project in my stash

I will try to be a better blogger this year.  Last year I only blogged 8 times, I’m sure I can beat that number for 2019.

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